What is ICURe?

Please see Cohort Schedule for application dates

The ICURe Innovation to Commercialisation programme offers university researchers with commercially-promising ideas up to £35k to ‘get out of the lab’ and validate their ideas in the marketplace.

ICURe 3 Month Programme

  • Intensive 3 Day Training Bootcamp
  • Get out of the lab and learn from customers
  • Lots of travel, meetings and trade shows
  • Bi-monthly update teleconferences and regular coaching sessions
  • Collect and share customer feedback
  • Develop a market-ready business model
  • Options Roundabout
ICURe is funded by InnovateUK

ICURe funding

Up to £35k of funding from InnovateUK is available over the three months for each team, this includes a salary for the Early Career Researcher (ECR) and a travel budget for the ECR:

  • Up to £15k for salary
  • Up to £20k for customer discovery activities (travel).

ICURe starts with an intense 3 Day Training Bootcamp where you become familiar with the Business Model Canvas, have time to think about your Value Proposition and propose a budget and action plan for your market validation discovery.

You will be given a target of holding 100 conversations around the world during the three months travel and then report your findings to the Options Roundabout panel at the end of your ICURe journey. The conversations you have will help you form an understanding as to what the marketplace needs and how your research can impact those needs. This understanding might lead to “options” such as further research, the launch of a University spin-out company or a licencing deal.