Cohort 23 Important Dates

  1. Pre-bootcamp teleconference to discuss the programme and expectations for the Entrepreneurial Lead (EL) is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd September 2019.

  2. Cohort 23 Launch – 3-day residential bootcamp from 9th – 12th September 2019
    The EL will be required to attend across all days, the Senior Researcher, TTO and Adviser must join at later points over the 3 days.
  • Please note that the EL and SR roles can only be undertaken by one person per role (i.e. time cannot be split between two staff). The EL must be employed full-time on the programme for approximately 3 months until the last date of the Options Roundabout.
  • Please note we are not able to accept attendance of additional team members at the bootcamp for any of the ICURe events during the programme unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  1. The EL will access bi-weekly teleconferences with the ICURe Team and other programme teams.
  2. The EL will provide monthly reports and record contacts and meetings as requested.
  3. The Team will attend an Options Roundabout Training day approximately one week prior to the Options Roundabout at a venue to be confirmed which supports the preparation of the final presentation to the panel.
  4. The Team will deliver their ‘ICURe Journey’ final presentation to the Options Roundabout Panel (each team will be allocated a slot on one of 2-3 days.) The Options Roundabout panel will make recommendations to the team on commercialisation options they feel are most appropriate for the project/team at that stage.


ICURe Cohort 23 Programme Timeline**

Cohort 23 Application deadline

Friday 26th July 2019

Cohort 23 Bootcamp

9th – 12th September 2019

Cohort 23 Options Roundabout Training day

Date to be confirmed

Cohort 23 Options Roundabout 

Date to be confirmed

** subject to change

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